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  • 10% Senior Discount Every Tuesday
  • UVA Employee Discount
  • Military Discount
  • Fluvanna County Chamber of Commerce
  • Fluvanna County Historical Society
  • Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue Auxiliary
  • Fluvanna Friends of the Library
  • Boy Scout Troop 154
  • Fluvanna County SPCA
  • Fluvanna County Fair
  • Stone Robinson Elementary School
  • Fluvanna West Central Primary
  • Fluvanna Central Elementary School
  • Fluvanna Carysbrook Elementary School
  • Fluvanna Middle School
  • Fluvanna County High School
  • Fork Union Military Academy
  • Lake Christian Church
  • St's Peter & Paul Catholic Church

Monday-Friday 6am - 6pm | Saturday 8am - 5pm | Sunday Closed

2243 Thomas Jefferson Parkway/Rt. 53, C'ville, VA., 22902 | 5 min. W. of Lake Monticello, 5 min. E. of Jefferson’s Monticello

me2shoprt53@gmail.com | 434 297.2201


Me2 brought the LOVE to Pleasant Grove Park for
Old Farm Day 2017!

Me2 Market & Eatery sponsored a great photo opportunity! For the first time in Fluvanna the State Tourism Office installed LOVE at Pleasant Grove Park. Visitors came to visit the LOVEwork which is part of the Virginia is for Lovers campaign and designed to promote family-friendly vacation experiences in Virginia.


3rd Place for
Friendliest Customer Service


1st Favorite BBQ

1st Favorite Dinner Place

1st Favorite Lunch Place

1st Friendliest Wait Staff

2nd Best Customer Service

2nd Favorite Specialty Store

2nd Favorite Outdoor Dining

3rd Favorite Place for a Sweet Treat

3rd Favorite Breakfast Place

3rd Favorite Grocery Store


1st Favorite BBQ

1st Favorite Lunch Place

3rd Favorite Place for a Sweet Treat

2nd Favorite Specialty Store

3rd Favorite Breakfast Place

3rd Favorite Dinner Place


1st Favorite BBQ


1st Favorite BBQ

3rd Favorite Place for a Sweet Treat


“100000000000% recommend this place!”–Kaitlyn Harlow


“My wife and I finally had a chance to stop into this absolutely amazing country market & eatery last week. Had a chance to meet the owner & his daughter before having the most amazing Pulled Pork BBQ on Sweet Potato Roll, fresh chocolate chip cookies and some slamming Macaroni Salad. Awesome people, legendary Pulled Pork BBQ, and now you have two more raving fans. We will be back. Keep cooking guys!” –Will Irish


“Fantastic place to eat at. Great food and great personality behind the counter!”–Toby Coen


“This is a wonderful place to stop in. We were leaving Monticello and came upon this delightful market where they sold the most heavenly bread and awesome BBQ ribs. And here we were only expecting to get gum and go. It was a welcome surprise and we had a great chat with the owners who are very friendly, full of that Southern hospitality we heard so much about and did indeed find in Virginia.” –Linda Birch“Only one word describes your apple pie- FANTASTIC!” –Patrick Robbins


“If you are ever in the area of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, it’s a must to stop for lunch at ME2 Market & Eatery. They have the best pulled pork sandwiches we’ve ever had. As a matter of fact all their sandwiches are excellent. Their coleslaw is delicious. If you are a chocolate lover you won’t be disappointed with their chocolate cheesecake. We had our sandwiches on their home made potato buns, yum yum!! Now for the people and their hospitality and friendliness, you won’t find friendlier people anywhere else. Even Sheriff Chip came in to get his wife a sandwich and chatted with us for awhile. Thank you all for a good experience!” –Lynn Tim Rawley


“My sister was down from New York for the 4th, and she had some of your BBQ at the fireworks. She LOVED it!” –Nicole Crandall


“Thank you so much for the heart you put into your delicious offerings! Just finished my awesome supper, and can’t wait for leftovers for lunch tomorrow! I’m so glad I grabbed dessert too! Thanks for all the hard work!” –Laura Stuart Campbell


“The cheesecake is to die for!” –Virginia Londeree


“Me2 has some pf the most phenomenal BBQ I have ever had (and this comes from a woman who live in North Carolina, too, by the way). The potato rolls were excellent toasted, and they complemented the BBQ very well. The macaroni salad was as good as what I make, and store-bought stuff can’t compare. I’m not a big cole slaw fan, except when it’s on top of hot dogs and BBQ, but theirs is good enough to eat solo as a side dish. If you can get out there, get there and get you some!” –Deena Hardy


“GREAT BBQ as always at Thistle Gate Vineyard the other night! LOVED having Me2 in Scottsville!!” –Nicholas Lee Ward


“I just purchased the best cake I have ever tasted in a long time. I am a frequent shopper at me2. I happen to try a barbecue meal there and that is what got me very intrigued about the quality and homemade goodness of the food. I went in and asked a very  special order for a cassata cake it is unheard in these parts but I took a shot. we had a special anniversary to celebrate. I went in to speak about this with Mackenzie and she had said it was possible. well she really out did herself and everybody was extremely pleased with it. while I was there I tried her personal cheesecakes in different flavors and they were outstanding. I have also tried their homemade salads and they are also wonderful. I highly recommend them for a great variety of food and fresh  baked goods. do not forget them for the holidays.” –Judy Ruggiero


“So excited to have you guys baking for us again this season! Great partners!” –Fruit Hill Orchard


“You thought the Bacon and Swiss Quiche would be too much for me to eat alone. I didn’t expect my son to come by when I ordered this morning. Wonderful dinner! I’ll have the rest cold for lunch. Those yummy brownies you all made won’t last till bedtime!” –Claire Crain


“A HUGE Thank You for whipping up this AMAZING Pecan Pie on basically no notice for me yesterday. Charlie had the best Birthday dessert ever!” –Amy R. Hall


“Stopped on the way home for the Friend on Facebook Special. What a treat. Barbecue, rolls to die for, the Best coleslaw, Mac and cheese and wonderful baked beans. Enough for two meals, but more important great service and the nicest folks. Definitely will be stopping here again. Thanks for a great meal.” –Mary Martin


“The chocolate chocolate chip zucchini muffin was a hit! The 4yrold let me have one bite, then she claimed the rest for herself. Thanks so much for sharing!” –Genevieve Harlow Thompson


“Wow, what great food. We don’t live nearby but finally had the opportunity to stop and try out some of the great food Mackenzie and her dad prepare. We had been visiting Michie Tavern and on our way home to Appomattox stopped and picked up dinner. Barbecue, potato salad, coleslaw, cheese cake, brownies, and even some home made rolls. Everything was home made and everything was wonderful. We will stop every time we are in the area. Thank you Mackenzie and Dad!” –Donna Williams Holmes Demer


“Just wanted to say I ordered the smoked chicken dinner and it was amazing thanks so much.” –Sherrie Burton


“Once again spoiled with an amazing breakfast from ME2! Thanks Mike for taking the time to make the eggs just the way I wanted them!!”
–Valerie Cundiff Luevano


“The peach muffins I had today were fabulous! So was the pulled pork. My guests loved the food from you!” –Loraine Meagher Huemmer


“I stopped in this past weekend to pick up dinner. You all were so friendly and helpful as it was my first time in. The pork was so yummy and the rolls and slaw just completed it! I do have to say I think our favorite was the pecan pie!! We will be back soon! You were out of cheesecake and I can not wait to try it!!” -Crystal Marks Shifflett


“We very much enjoyed the meal deal. Everything was awesome! Delicious BBQ, fabulous sides, and the best brownie we ever ate, truly! –Ann Jennings


“From our friends at Me2: Market and Eatery – cheesecake with our granola IN the cheesecake and on top too. I was lucky enough to get one of these. Absolutely delicious. Stop by ME2 and see what else Mackenzie has baked!” –Hudson Henry Baking Co.


“SALON DeSHANO enjoyed the BEST CUPCAKES and CHEESECAKES yesterday!!!! Thank you, Mackenzie!! You RAWK!” –Jacqui Pardue DeShano


“Stopped in ME2 to pick up dinner on the way home… I had never been in before this evening but when I walked in I was greeted with a warm smile and great service by Mackenzie… while she was preparing the bbq sandwiches I ordered, her dad Michael came in and started chatting with me like we were old friends! he noticed my UVA ID and asked if I was familiar with the discount I got as a UVA employee… I had completely forgotten we had recently received a discount book at work and how nice was that for him to remind me of the 10% discount I was eligible for?! After I paid for my sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad and last but not least, a mini chocolate cheesecake and made my way home, I thought, why haven’t I stopped here before, no good reason came to mind… but I will definitely will go back! We had the BEST bbq on the BEST rolls with the BEST Cole slaw, baked beans, and potato salad I have eaten in years!! I can’t even begin to describe the scrumptiousness of that chocolate cheesecake! Best of all, it is all homemade! I can’t wait to go back to try another flavor! It was well worth the stop! When you can get delicious food at a fair price and served by down to earth friendly people I call that a win -win! I encourage anyone who has not tried ME2 Market and Eatery to make it a point to do so, you’ll be hooked from the first bite!” –Laura L. Salzman


“ME2 catered my sister in laws wedding and we still talk about the amazing homemade, great quality food they produced for us!! We will be sure to use them for events again and evening dinners!!” –Kayla Mooney


“Finally got to Me2 today and had a great lunch, fabulous chicken salad sandwich and awesome brownies… thanks Mackenzie!”
 –Cheryl Nash Lloyd


“The pulled pork BBQ at ME 2: Market and Eatery is “To Die For!” (would have posted pics of it, but couldn’t stop eating it long enough to do it!)” –Darlene Perrone


“My husband and I ate the most delicious BBQ pulled pork sandwiches...we will come back.” –Monique Drumheller


“Taste test complete! The gluten free cheesecake I bought this afternoon was delicious!  It was difficult to not eat the whole thing... Thanks!” –Laura Millonzi Sexton


“Sweet potato pie and mixed berry cheesecake were a HUGE hit today! Thanks!” –Nicole Crandall


“My husband and I stopped by last Sunday after picking out our Christmas Tree. We bought a plain cheesecake and wanted to pass along that it was wonderful! The pecan muffin was the best I’ve ever had-delicious!! I encourage the locals to stop by and check this market out. All of the food is homemade. Dad and daughter are very friendly.” –Kathy Brown Vess


“On behalf of everyone at Stone-Robinson Elementary, thank you SO much for catering our retirement gathering. We celebrated 3 special ladies tonight amongst great friends and food. Job well done!” –Laura Millonzi Sexton, Stone-Robinson Elementary School


“The Fluvanna SPCA enjoyed a catered lunch today from ME2! Our board showed their gratitude to staff by arranging for this delicious meal. We deeply appreciate how ME2 takes care of us and how they carefully prepared this meal. We also appreciate how they’re parents to two FSPCA furbabies. Thank you, ME2! How we just have to figure out how to work when we’re all ready to take a nap.” –Fluvanna SPCA


“The king cake was awesome. So happy that the store is local.” –Monica Johnson


“I Haven’t had the time yet to go through the wedding photos but you guys catered a lot of the food for our wedding back in October and I just wanted to say THANK YOU and it was amazing! I’ll definitely send along some shots of the whole food spread when I can.
You have amazing talents!” –Brittanie Pendleton


“Stopped in yesterday for the first time. Your BB is the BEST I have EVER had! And the rolls - amazing. But that pumpkin cheesecake... worth the calories - so creamy and wonderful. Your friendly service and warm welcome made everything even more enjoyable. Can’t wait to come back for more!” –Sue Russo


“If Becky Blanton likes you, then so do I. And I may even travel from Arizona to Virginia some day...just to eat at ME2.” –Judy Simpson Vorfeld


“Stopped in for a bite to eat the other day...Decided on a good ole fried bologna sandwich, with tomato, lettuce , cheese and mayo on toasted bread. I have only one disappointment...I bought only one at the time, I should have gotten two! The sandwich was excellent, and didn’t make a mess as well!...” –Fort Blenheim Candles


“Thanks for Maggie’s birthday cake... chocolate cheesecake! Wish I had taken a picture before they devoured it! It was awesome!” -Mary Anne Benvenutti


“Stopped by they store and picked up some treats for the office. Iced cookies and muffins. This morning I got a call asking how I can make this happen every day. Apparently you can find the best pumpkin muffins ever at ME2. Nice Work!!” –Millerlawgroup Charlottesville


“Bought 2 slices of banana cake for my husband – the man of few words said it was fabulous! Yay for you guys!! Sorry I didn’t order a pie....next time!” –Jan Crowther


“OMG!!! What a wonderful dinner! Scott and I loved the fried chicken meal deal! Thanks so much for making a stressful and busy week so much better! Can’t wait for my next order on Saturday!” –Mary Ann Luxhoj Acree


“Bought the cream of turkey with rice soup (frozen) on my way home Friday night...had it for lunch today...delicious! Will definitely be back for more!” –Jill Ayn Whatley


“My cheesecake and macaroni salad that I ordered yesterday was to die for!!! My daughter absolutely loved the carrot muffin and she’s a picky eater!!! I can’t wait to go back!!!” –Gabrielle Ines

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